PureStorage FlashBlade for Data Protection

Pure developed FlashBlade architecture to meet the storage needs of data-driven organizations. FlashBlade is an all-flash system that is primarily optimized for storing and processing unstructured data. FlashBlade can simultaneously host multiple file systems and multi-tenant object stores for thousands of clients. Powered by a distributed file system, it is purpose-built for massive concurrency. It can scale to multi-petabyte capacity with linear-scale performance simply by adding a single blade at a time, up to 75 blades. Due to its native scale-out architecture and ability to drive performance for virtually any type of workload, it’s considered a data hub that enables enterprises to consolidate a range of workloads on a single platform, from backup to analytics and AI.

Power: FlashBlade maximizes the advantages of an all-flash architecture by storing data in storage units and ditching crippling, high-latency storage media, such as traditional disks and conventional solid-state drives. The integration of scalable NVRAM into each storage unit helps scale performance and capacity proportionally when you add new blades to a system. The front of each chassis holds up to 15 blades for processing data operations and storage. Each blade assembly is a self-contained compute module with processors, communication interfaces, and either 17TB or 52TB of flash memory for persistent data storage.

True Scale-Out Unified Platform for both Files and Objects A common media architecture for files and objects: FlashBlade’s single underlying media architecture supports concurrent access to files via NFSv3, NFS over HTTP, and SMB (with Samba-level functionality), and to objects via S3 across the entire FlashBlade configuration

Ransomware Protection

Augment Data Protection with SafeMode Snapshots. SafeMode snapshots, a built-inFlashBlade feature, enable you to create read-only snapshots of backup data and associated metadata catalogs after you’ve performed a full backup. You can recover data directly from these snapshots, helping guard against attacks by ransomware and even rogue admins. FlashBlade provides the following benefits:

  • Enhanced protection: Ransomware can’t eradicate (delete), modify, or encrypt SafeMode snapshots. In addition, only an authorized designee from your organization can work directly with Pure Technical Support to configure the feature, modify the policy, or manually eradicate snapshots.
  • Backup integration: Utilize the same snapshot process regardless of the backup product or native utility used to manage data protection processes.
  • Flexibility: Snapshot cadence and eradication scheduling are customizable.
  • Rapid restore: Leverage a massively parallel architecture and elastic performance that scales with data to speed back up and moreover recovery.

Configure NetBackup MSDP on FlashBlade

Recently NetBackup and Pure worked closely to support NetBackup MSDP over NFS on FlashBlade with direct availability from Veritas, and the blog on Netbackup MSDp with FlashBlade will help know about the implementation of the Solutions for both existing NetBackup users and new users. Read the blog NetBackup MSDP NFS on FlashBlade. http://mandeeparora.com/msdp-integration-with-flashblade-nfs/ This blog will walk you through on how to configure NetBackup MSDP on FlashBlade.

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