Author: Mandeep Arora

Protecting Oracle with FlashRecover

Pure Storage’s FlashRecover introduces tremendous value to enterprises in three key areas: Performance, simplicity, and scalability. There’s value in finishing backups faster. Backups offer protection services to production applications and data. With data and application sets growing rapidly, creating backups in a timely fashion has become more difficult. By being able to back up more […]

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EPIC Data Protection and Rapid Recovery with Purestorage FlashRecover

Why it is important to beware of EPIC data protection and EPIC rapid restore with Pure FlashRecover at the time of catastrophes! Epic is one of the main electronic health records (EHRs) in use at U.S. healthcare organizations today. Epic’s production OLTP database server — also known as the Operational Database, or ODB — has […]

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VMware Data Protection with Pure FlashRecover and Cohesity, restore at rate of 12GB/s.

Data everywhere is growing at unprecedented rates. The increase in the value and volume of data has triggered the adoption of all-flash in enterprises worldwide. Yet many backup environments remain unchanged and unable to meet the new demanding recovery requirements, demands of cloud services, and the data reusability needs of modern use cases.   A fast, […]

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Rapid Recovery of Full VMs with Pure FlashRecover

Get up to 3x faster backup and restore of VMs with Pure FlashRecover™, Powered by Cohesity®.  With the tremendous growth of data, companies are looking for the best approach to back it up. Ensuring the fast recovery of data when a disaster occurs has become more difficult. Businesses face even more significant challenges if they […]

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Pure Storage FlashRecover powered by Cohesity

Under the Hood of the New FlashBlade and Cohesity Integration A powerful new solution developed by Pure Storage® and Cohesity enables enterprises to eliminate complex, legacy backup environments. Pure FlashRecover™, Powered by Cohesity® consolidates multiple use cases such as data protection, test/dev, and analytics in a single solution. Integrated with Pure Storage FlashBlade®, the solution […]

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Rapid VM restore using Veeam and Pure FlashArray //C Integration

Use Case: Limit the Network Bandwidth for backup jobs for non-prod data. Array level snapshots of VMs or datastore FA//C serving as a replication target for Long term retention With Snapshot conversion to Volume option in the FA//CServe as a Primary Datastore in case of complete disaster Expose the Volume to ESX and serve as […]

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Safeguard your data and make restoring service simple with FlashBlade SafeMode snapshots

Ransomware Protection with NetBackup MSDP and FlashBlade  Your existing data protection may not be enough. Backups safeguard critical data against common scenarios, such as recovering from natural or human-caused disasters, data corruption, or accidental deletions. However, ransomware attacks can stress existing data-protection infrastructure that may be built on legacy architectures, such as disk and tape. […]