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Ransomware Protection with NetBackup and FlashBlade

Ransomware would be the last thing that the company executives would like to see. Nowadays, ransomware is everywhere, some of the biggest ransomware attacks involved hospitals, logistics companies, and many others. Ransomware has become one of the major concerns of the top executives.  With Ransomware growing rapidly targeting backup software and other data protection methods, […]

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FlashBlade NFS as a storage target for NetBackup

Veritas NetBackup and Pure worked closely to support NetBackup over NFS on FlashBlade and this blog will help you to know on how simple it is to create a NetBackup Storage Unit on FlashBlade NFS filesystem. Foremost step to create a storage unit is to create a dedicated NFS volume on FlashBlade to be used […]

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Modernize Data protection with NetBackup Integration with FlashBlade.

Application downtime can bring significant costs and penalties, For example, recent research from Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) highlighted “loss of customer confidence, direct loss of revenue and missed opportunity” as the top three impacts that could result from application downtime or data loss. Despite this, many organizations still use legacy data protection technology designed decades […]

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Why I joined PureStorage…

It’s nearly almost 12 years with my career more than a decade of my career spent with Data Protection, I got the flavor of various kinds of company small, mid-scale, large and very large companies. After getting my Master’s degree in Software Engineering and now.. ready to compete in the corporate race, after spending couple […]

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