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Veeam Pure Snapshot Offload to NFS

Veeam Universal storage integration with Pure Storage has various options for performing snapshots and backup for primary applications, and one of the use cases is Veeam Pure Snapshot offload to NFS. What does FlashArray Snap to NFS means? It is self backup technology built into the FlashArray, it comes with no additional software license, and […]


Veeam Universal Storage Integration with Pure Storage FlashArray

If you are looking for the most simplified snapshot as a backup solution, or if you are looking for a solution to eliminate the backup IOP’S on primary storage and want to save the network bandwidth you are in the right place,  you can achieve all this and even more with Veeam Pure storage snapshot […]


Rapid VM restore using Veeam and Pure FlashArray //C Integration

Use Case: Limit the Network Bandwidth for backup jobs for non-prod data. Array level snapshots of VMs or datastore FA//C serving as a replication target for Long term retention With Snapshot conversion to Volume option in the FA//CServe as a Primary Datastore in case of complete disaster Expose the Volume to ESX and serve as […]