Veeam Universal Storage Integration with Pure Storage FlashArray

If you are looking for the most simplified snapshot as a backup solution, or if you are looking for a solution to eliminate the backup IOP’S on primary storage and want to save the network bandwidth you are in the right place,  you can achieve all this and even more with Veeam Pure storage snapshot integration.

This video will navigate you on how to perform Veeam Pure storage snapshot and replication job.

 Veeam Universal storage integration for Pure Storage has various options such as backing up primary applications,  performing volume snapshots of applications, and provision to replication the snapshot to another site, and it can be further protected from ransomware attacks with SafeMode enabled either on Primary storage array or on replication target.

Asynchronous replication leverages Purity snapshots. A snapshot is created on the source, and that snapshot is transferred to the replication site.  The first transfer, known as the baseline, is a complete transfer of the entire contents of the volume. After the baseline copy is performed, the replication process performs incremental transfers by identifying the change data in the baseline and the next snapshot. 

For Veeam to run the replication job, you would need to install Veeam 12 and install Veeam Plugin V2 for pure storage. To successfully configure the replication, review the requirements for replication on Pure Storage. And a protection group is configured on the Primary array with the right volume enrolled for snapshot replication.

Once you have the replication setup successfully, you would need to configure a snapshot-only job on the Veeam server, and then select the option to configure the secondary storage for the job. This is how simple it is to run the Veeam replication job for Pure Storage Volumes.