PureStorage FlashBlade(Demo) Ransomware Protection with Veritas NetBackup

Ransomware Protection with FlashBlade and NetBackup

With a free and built in “Safe Mode Snapshot” feature with FlashBlade that enables the users to recover from the backup when they strike with Ransomware attack.

In case of ransomware attack the consequences can be dire – either you pay for freeing up your data or you gamble that you can recover from snapshots or backups. In this demo, I will walk you through on how to protect the backup data from Ransomware attack when pure storage FlashBlade is used as a storage target and Veritas NetBackup is used as a Backup application. What is a Safemode snapshot in FlashBlade?This is a feature on FlashBlade that will not let anyone eradicate the deleted snapshot, that means in the case of ransomware attack if the snapshot of the backup data is deleted it goes to a recycle bin and it gets saved there as read mode, and further it cannot be deleted.

When faced with a ransomware event or other data loss event, SafeMode Snapshots make restoring service simple.  When an attack is identified it is critical for the authorized administrator to reach out to Pure for assistance.

NetBackup Catalog Recovery, During the catalog recovery process, NetBackup services need to be shut down and restarted. One can generate the disaster recovery file from the recovered catalog backup image, and later can be used for disaster recovery purposes. The NetBackup master server can use this DR file to import all the images and devices information, and hence you can recover the catalog information.