Ransomware Protection of Backup data with NetBackup MSDP (Media Server deduplication pool)

Implementation of FlashBlade Safemode with NetBackup MSDP

Ransomware Protection of Backup for NetBackup MSDP

Your Existing Data Protection May Not Be Enough. Backups safeguard critical data against common scenarios such as recovering from natural or man-made disasters, data corruption, or accidental deletions. However, ransomware attacks can stress existing data-protection infrastructure that may be built on legacy architectures, such as disk and tape, more than expected. First, if you’re already struggling with meeting recovery SLAs, a ransomware attack can exacerbate the situation with additional downtime. Second, your backup systems and data can be compromised, which could require you to reinstall and reconfigure your backup solution, before even contemplating data recovery. NetBackup can use FlashBlade as a target for deduplicated backups. This video covers how to use FlashBlade as storage for MSDP backups and FlashBlade is turned on taking SafeMode snapshots to mitigate the risk in case of any ransomware attack on the backed-up filesystem. This demo will walk you through the implementation of MSDP Ransomware protection with FlashBlade.