Why I joined PureStorage…

It’s nearly almost 12 years with my career more than a decade of my career spent with Data Protection, I got the flavor of various kinds of company small, mid-scale, large and very large companies. After getting my Master’s degree in Software Engineering and now.. ready to compete in the corporate race, after spending couple of years in the industry, I realize… what thrills me always is the aggressive and fast-paced work which suits my personality, if these two elements are not present in my work I get bored really fast.

After spending 2 years with IBM, followed by Quorum for another 2.5 years, I end up in Isilon Systems, and ample of my career years were invested in Isilon doing NAS backups ~5.5 Years and later in Veritas. It was the start of fall 2018 almost 1.5 years in Veritas now, and my instincts started to itch me to look for change, and right there I saw a GREAT fit for me at PureStorage.

I was so thrilled and enthusiastic to have an initial call with the Hiring Manager, and the first initial telephonic was schedule was for 45 minutes and it went for almost 1.5 hours (a positive sign), and followed by rounds of onsite interview and finally got an offer for the position and the company I want to be. To be honest, I was following PureStorage very closely from the days when I was in Isilon ~2015 right when Pure went IPO. I went through most of Pure’s technically/product documents and videos on the web (especially the Pure Storreduce -Object Engine and FlashBlade). After going through their product closely and their customer success stories in solving the complex problem of big data, I can for-see this company’s future, and saw the potential to sweep away EMC in upcoming years.

The amalgamation of ObjectEngine the “deduplication beast” in-front of the “kickass” high performant Pure FlashBlade sparked me to get hands-on with this product, and now I am here at PureStorage with Solutions team of Modernize Data Protection and proud to be called “Puritan” now.

—- wait for my next blog 2 months in PureStorage.